ESP Telephone Service

ESP Telephone Service

Interactive Telephone Entertainment Service

In 2011, Paul programmed a telephone entertainment service based around "ESP" and mentalism, where customers make and receive calls from an automated mentalist who can tell the caller surprise information, seek answers to questions, offer entertaining advice, and test the customer's own mentalism abilities.

The site integrates with Paypal to accept payment subscriptions and supports coupon code creation, distribution, and tracking. The entertainment service has over 300 customers with 50 paying subscribers.

Tied tightly into the Tropo telephone and voice API, Paul's custom PHP & MySQL service provides a website front-end for new customers, and a powerful administrative interface for the owner of the service to operate the telephone calls.

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Tropo's text-to-voice and voice-to-text API reads and appends to Paul's database, where caller's responses are recorded for reference in future calls. Pre-recorded audio files are easily uploaded by the operator in the administrative web interface.

The service's owner is able to create call flows by writing script snippets, integrating the customer's personal information as variables. Outbound calls can be initiated, inbound calls are accepted, with full logging and billing information updated to the administrator's web interface.

Customer's information is determined partly by the customer's own input and additionally figured by automatically data-mining the customer's phone number and provided information through several services. Paul's code is able to automatically delve into the customer's family relationships, address history, current address, date of birth, and astrological sign.